coatings wipes


Chip Repair $47.50

Save yourself money by repairing chips early to prevent your windshield from needing full replacement. We suction out all of the air and fill it with a color matched resin.

Crack Repair $75

Even small cracks can be repaired! Stop by for a consultation.


Domestic Windshields

We’ll protect your vehicles interior, then remove your old windshield. We’ll apply a primer and a bonding urethane to make the seal secure and install your new windshield. Then just wait around 1 HOUR for the urethane to set and you can drive away. We even use urethane specifically for cold weather! Fill out our contact page or give our shop a call to get an exact cost for your vehicle make and model. 

Foreign & Classic Windshields

Have a foreign or exotic car? Restoring a classic? Let us help keep you safe with a new windshield.

Motorcycles & RVs

We do motorcycle and large vehicle glass repair. Give us a call today!


Windshield Wiper Replacement

Ensure your new windshield remains scratch free with new wipers from TRICO

Windshield coatings $39

Apply a layer of EnduroShield to make the rain bead off and ensure easy cleaning

Headlight Buffing $39

Become a fan of night driving! We can buff your headlights to shine like new giving you better visibility on our mountain roads. The perfect add on to any windshield package. 

For exact pricing and availability call 403-609-8687